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What is the Storyfield?

If you have ever been camping with friends, family or even strangers, some of the best memories are sitting around the campfire and getting to hear people’s stories about life. We wanted to create a podcast where we could retell some of those stories, listen to lessons learned from business owners,  and encourage you to keep going in whatever situation God has you in in the moment.

What we know:

LIFE is complex. The frustrating issues never seem to stop.

BUSINESS is hard. Right answers are not easily found and making progress is difficult.

Living a life of FAITH can feel complicated. Your relationship with God may feel broken. You may be uninspired in your faith. It becomes lonely.

It is discouraging when MOVEMENT in your life, business, or faith has stopped.

Positive, encouraging, and inspiring stories seem to be hard to find. Most of the information circulating is negative. It shouldn’t be this way.

Why we created this:

  • Stop discouragement. Listen to encouraging stories of normal people dealing with the same problems.
  • Be inspired to movement in life and business. Take a step forward.
  • Ignite a spark in your faith. Reconnect with God.

Meet The Hosts

Josh C. Allen

Josh C. Allen


Josh is a Stephenville, Texas native. He graduated from Texas Tech University in 2001 and Texas Tech School of Law in 2004. Currently, he is serving as the CEO of The Allen Firm, PC, a law firm located in Stephenville and Aledo, Texas, who helps guide people in their legal situations so they can make great decisions and be at peace. His passions are- his relationship with Jesus; his bride Julie; and their 5 children (3 girls and 2 boys).

One of Josh’s favorite places in this world is the South Fork, Colorado and he has been blessed to be actively involved in iDisciple Ministries, Inc – a life-changing adventure ministry. Josh’s hope and prayer for this podcast is that people from all walks of life receive encouragement and hope. He wants to see people learn and grow and move forward in life after hearing some of these awesome stories.

Micah M Petrea

Micah M Petrea


Micah Petrea builds brands through authentic connection with people. He serves as the Chief Growth Officer for The Allen Firm located in Stephenville and Aledo, Texas. Micah oversees all aspects of marketing and business development for the firm, including digital marketing, website development, lead generation, and event management.

Micah lives south of Austin in the small town of Buda with his wife and two children. He is a talented musician and has served as a worship leader for nearly 15 years. He currently serves as the worship leader for a growing church in Lake Travis.

He is dedicated to helping small businesses grow and market themselves on a limited budget. He is also committed to engaging with his local community and giving back. He currently serves on the board of the local education foundation and works diligently to provide needed resources to our local public school district.

As the host and sound engineer of The Storyfield podcast, Micah hopes to shine a light on people who are humbly serving and generously giving back to make a difference in our local communities.

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